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The first time I tried to get in Mekhe was in 2015. I was tired of the lack of quality from craft makers in Dakar and it was important for me to produce in Senegal. So, I decided to try in others cities.

We had an accident just when we were passing Thies. It was creazy and seems like the nature doesn’t want us to get there. We had to go back in Dakar, after passing by the police… I remember my friend telling me “girl you should call your grandparent this is not normal… lol”.

I waited a month and then I tried again. When I get there and I meet for the first time the men who became my team, I felt weird. Because they could be my father. I was asking myself how I could give orders to persons who have the same age than my father. It took me a while to realize that it was a detail…

I think, we felt in love that day! Them, when they saw my scratches and me when I felt the love they put in their work. We discovered that we have in common our love for handmade and our desire to promote the made in Africa by producing creativity with high quality.

I wish, I could get in Mekhe every week. But I can’t! Every time I can get there, my team and me spend the day together, talking about the bottom we came from, our African dream and our commitment.

For sure, follow us because we just start!




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