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Cheers to new beginnings. I give rhythm to new beginnings.


2017 gives me the opportunity to start doing things on my own.

A few years ago, I was defining myself like a dependent person, always seeking the slightest attention from others.

But thanks to life and its challenges, I finally learned to make myself happy.

I now know how to genuinely put a smile on my face. 

So let's go! Today, I make myself happy by spending a #chill&cheers moment in one of my favorite places in Dakar.

As expected, the moment is incredible!


I like the good mood, the good food and of course my favorite drink of the moment: lemonade.

I also like the fact that after eating, I can go shopping or just relax.

Of course, there is this friend who fits perfectly at the moment, my soussay bag from the Hope collection.

And you? How do you make yourself happy? You have two months left until 2018 to go get it, what are you waiting for?



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